Anonymous said : why would you prefer a girl that's a loner? would it be a disappointment to you if the girl who sits in a park reading books liked to be in the center of the room in parties? i for once love to be by myself, but still enjoy to be around the people i love. i also like to tell stories to people. i understand that your point was to say that you want a girl that isn't dependent on her sociality, but i just want to say that people aren't just personalized by few situations you find them in. 

Well, that wouldn’t be a disappointment, but I don’t think I could fall in love with her. That is just my own preference, or lack of human skills. And yes, always be yourself, and spend time with your loved ones, so do I.  I wasn’t trying to say that people are personalized by the situations you find them in. That was just my imagination ^^. But why I prefer a loner? Because I think we would understand each other quite well. Also, because some of them crave a deep connection with just one person, rather than maintaining more connections with people that don’t reach the soul. I crave a deep connection with someone, and until I stumble on someone I want to share things with, I work on myself. Perhaps I fall in love, but it is not something I aim for. But it would be lovely if you could travel the world together, and all you need is each other.   

Anonymous said : You are already perfect and now I just read you saved someone's life? You are beyond perfect. 

I was just being human. And no, I’m not perfect, anonymous.

Anonymous said : An hour ago, I walked into my friend's bathroom (I'm staying at her house for a while) and she was taking a bunch of pills. Like around 12. I got her to throw them up but I don't know if I should call an 911. We're home alone I'm scared what do I do? 

Call, fucking call! If I didn’t call when I found my ex laying on the floor….well, she was dead for two minutes while she was hospitalized. Call, Call, Call.  She is alive. But call, I don’t know what your friend took, but her blood could be poisoned. 

*throwing up doesn’t help. Medicine is supposed to work fast. It is already in her blood not in her stomach. 

Anonymous said : don't get catfish'd lol 

I’ll bring a knife :)