Like a leaf in the wind
He never stayed in one place
Too long

He tried to have friends
A family, but it all felt
So wrong

He spent most of his life
Wandering alone, on broken
City streets

Seeing many faces
He doesn’t forget anyone
He meets

Reminded constantly of what
He could’ve had, he sits
And cries

Enough of the pain, and
With a broken heart
He dies


A pessimist is but a realist with a bad attitude


The words you spoke still ring wildly in my skull
Like a chaotic choir
If everything really does happen for a reason
Well that makes you a goddamn liar
Because I’m watching you form footprints
That lead to no where but away
And the words “no reason”
Are all that you have left to say


I am empty

I am hollow

Come and vandalize

My insides

Spray paint bullshit

On my crooked walls

Break the stairs that lead 

From the heart to mind

Set fire to my eyes

And let them burn brightly