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Anonymous whispered: I adore your writing and I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at an extract of a book I'm writing?x

I would love to

track name: Ocean
artist: John Butler
play count: 1929


Ocean - John Butler

(2012 studio version)



I want it
I want to have long walks through
the city and laugh when we see
those party animals puking on
the street at night,
desperate to get the artificial
happiness out of their bodies.
And then we’ll laugh even more
because we know that our hearts
will never get enough
each other’s

Anonymous whispered: Thank you for everything that you do

Thank you I guess…but I don’t do much..but thanks (:

Anonymous whispered: When I can't sleep I always picture myself sitting in the corner of my room crying in the dark, and you as a white wolf with black wings and green eyes, protecting me, standing between me and my demons. Your fangs always rip them to pieces. But I have so many. Thank you for being there, although you are not. Your words just allow me to create you in my mind. I wish we could talk sometime.

Anonymous..I want to talk to you

"It is so sad that we hold our mobile phones more than our lover’s hand."
- Zeff Wolf (I wish I could be with you right now, #10) -
Anonymous whispered: Als je ooit in Groningen bent, schreeuw dan even keihard. I would love to say hi.

Misschien volgende week (:

Anonymous whispered: Did you figure me out yet?

You did comment on the question, right? 

Anonymous whispered: I am also 19 born in April 1995 I read that you like late night conversations and to be honest I think your a romantic don't be afraid to let love in you might not know it but the way you talk every girl would love to have you there for her

Thank you, anonymous. But at this very moment, it is the first time I need someone to be there for me. 

Anonymous whispered: Hey there! I really like your way with words and would love to know your inspiration or muse (or whatever you want to call it) behind it, but then I figured it might be too personal, so I'm just gonna go with: Do you play any instruments? :)

Thank you. I have been playing the guitar for eight years (:

Anonymous whispered: i am crazy, and weird.. i am willing to jump off a 50 foot cliff any time, i am willing to try anything. i am also a person who listens to some one, ease their pain and give them advice, but i will never take my own advise and i will always be scared of telling people about me, maybe it is because i was hurt and i am still somewhat broken . i am one of your followers, why don't you just try and guess who i am... is that ok??

One of my followers, that is going to be difficult…but I love playing games. Have we ever talked off anon?

"She was beautiful. Not that kind of beautiful that makes you crave to hang her as a canvas on the wall to only shade her during the night. No, I would have disrespected her and myself if I had done that. She was the type of beautiful which makes you want to scrape your fingernails on her textured canvas knowing that you can never shorten your fingernails ever again with her under your crescents , because you and her can’t exist without each other. She was that kind of beautiful you would go mad about. Insane, leaving you hopeless in the decision whether you should be an egoistic idiot for damaging her because you too, want your fingertips to turn every blank canvas into something beautiful."
- Zeff Wolf (Saying she was beautiful would be an understatement, #9) -
Anonymous whispered: would you actually love to talk to me? i am not what i appear, i am not like your other annons, i am not that girl who is clearly in love with you, i entered tumblr hoping to meet people like me, to talk to them without showing my true colours. i am scared when you see who i really am you wouldn't want to talk to me any more :(

What makes you think I don’t want to talk to you if I see who you are?